THURSDAY, 27 MARCH 2014 4:23 PM

Massimiliano Gioni speaking about the pleasures and pains of mounting the Venice Biennale


One of the best quotes ever about the Pearson College experience comes from a recent interview in The Globe and Mail with Massimiliano Gioni (PC YR 17/1992 Italy).  Torontonians got a taste of the Gioni life and philosophy recently. He visited at the behest of the Power Plant, Canada’s primary showcase for cutting-edge contemporary art, to talk about the pleasures and pains of mounting the Venice Biennale, an event that, to quote one observer, usually has turned its artistic director into “a sacrificial goat.”

"Perhaps it’s Gioni’s inner-Canadian that accounts for his relative groundedness. As a teenager in the early 1980s he spent two years at Victoria’s Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific, hanging with students from all over the world, imbibing the school’s heady ethos of making education “a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” Today Gioni, born in a small city northwest of Milan, describes his time there as “formative and” – he laughed – “equally deformative in that it made me a more creative and stranger person. . . . The international and cosmopolitan upbringing I had at Pearson and this notion of an international culture prepared me to . . . face the international life that I’m happy to live now.”"

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SUNDAY, 23 MARCH 2014 7:41 PM

Alumnus Dr. Evan Adams receives national Indspire award

Dr. Evan Adams (PC YR 9/1984) is the recipient of an Indspire Award in medicine that was handed out in Winnepeg March 21. The Indspire awards recognize outstanding career and youth achievements in the aboriginal community and were formerly known as the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards.

Evan is currently B.C.’s deputy provincial health officer responsible for indigenous health. He is from the Sliammon Band near Powell River, BC and has worked in his current role since 2012 to support the development and operations of the First Nations Health Authority as well as reporting on the health of Indigenous people in the province. Across Canada he is also well known for his work as an actor, including starring as Thomas Builds-The-Fire in the film Smoke Signals opposite Adam Beach. He also is now combining his acting background with his medical training, hosting a pilot called The Dr. E Show about health and wellness from an indigenous perspective.

Dr. Evan Adams garners national award for work in indigenous health

FRIDAY, 21 MARCH 2014 1:12 PM

Mourning Roshan Thomas, longtime UWC supporter and parent

All of us in the Pearson College UWC family are in mourning following the tragic death of Roshan Thomas, mother of three UWC alumni, Karim (PC YR 25/2000 Canada), Samira (PC YR 30/2005 Canada) and Rishma (Atlantic College UWC 2001). Roshan was killed in a terrorist attack at a Kabul hotel on Thursday, March 20. 

Roshan was deeply dedicated to serving others and providing learning opportunities to children who would not normally have access to high-quality education in Afghanistan. The school she founded in Afghanistan, Sparks Academy, is serving an important need for quality early childhood education and a place where UWC alumni have been volunteering as teachers since its founding in 2002. Roshan and her husband also have a long history of traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan to provide comprehensive eye services to vulnerable populations in need of care.

Roshan was a dear host mother to many of our Afghan students and worked tirelessly with her family to make it possible for students from Afghanistan to have access to UWCs. Whenever we encountered challenges, for example, with visa applications or with the complexities of travel, she was there to help out. Her life of service to others is such an inspiration. She was in Afghanistan as a volunteer interviewing students who were applying for UWC scholarships.

What a tragic loss for so many.

David Hawley, Head of College

Interview with Karim and Samira

Island mourns champion of education, killed in Kabul attack