THURSDAY, 31 MARCH 2016 4:36 PM

Student nominated for art award


Pearson College student Victoria Yatsing Yang (Year 42/2017, China) has been nominated for an award with the CIS “Global Citizenship” Art Contest. Victoria submitted her digital photo about "the loss of identity and silence within modern society," which has been nominated for the final round of the contest. As CIS receives many high-quality entries, judges told Victoria it was a difficult task to shortlist the best of the best for the final round.

To get there, Victoria had to create a piece that reflected this prompt: "What part of your world would you like to share with others?"

Her answer: "This photo represents the loss of identity and silence within modern society. We, as individuals, are constrained by the oppressive or coercive social sensibility when we come to realize what is reality. Regimes, public opinions, majority, social institutions, bureaucracy, norms, stereotypes oppress us, and too often we become subjugated to these “Anthropogenic Laws”. However, what is often true that we are the ones that institute the constraints. We struggle against reality, wanting to pursue music or art, but ultimately ending up in law, medicine, or business. We struggle against gender norms, crying out for injustice, but enjoying gender-specific privileges if they are in favor of us. We struggle against the erosion of idealism and liberalism coming with time, but ultimately admitting we can’t succeed. We struggle against mediocrity, screaming to be different and special, but letting us go with the flow because we acknowledge the existing limits as insurmountable. The face of the individual, the one that represents all of us, is indistinguishable by the white sheet covering, while one of his/her hands pointing downward, a sign of hopelessness, with the other tightening the grip over the while sheet, against the struggle of the person trying to breathe. Although brutal, this is the world I would like to share with others, the world that I observe. The world within which we are both the victims and perpetrators."

Victoria will find out in a few weeks how her nominated entry made out.