The Legacy Project for Tita Dieza

Thank you for honouring Tita Dieza!

Honouring a lifetime of service

It is fair to say that Tita Dieza has given a lifetime of service to the students of Pearson College. With over 40 consecutive years as a host mother, Tita shared her Christmas this year with students whose parents may not have been born when she welcomed her first homesick Pearson student.

Now, three alumni have brought together over 100 Pearson graduates from years 1 through 44 to honour Tita for giving them a place to "Feel at Home". Thanks to their leadership and effort alumni and supporters have a full 1-year scholarship to Pearson College in her honour!

Please help us congratulate these generous donors:

If you would like to be a part of Tita's legacy it's not too late! Please click on the Donate Now button to visit a dedicated donation page, or read below for more details and ways to help.


Dear Pearson alumni and community,

We will be celebrating Tita Dieza’s 80th birthday on May 8, 2017!

For her 42 years of tireless commitment to its students, Pearson College honoured Tita with a full page spread on its 2014/15 Annual Report.

In close partnership with Pearson College, the three of us, Iggy Sison (Year 9), Jennifer Perez-Dombrovskis (Year 20) and Seng Khammoungkhoune-Braun (Year 25), are fundraising for a Pearson College scholarship to name after Tita Dieza whom we lovingly call “Tita”. We refer to this endeavour as the “Legacy Project”.

We are excited to formally launch this scholarship fundraising! Together, we aim to raise a full 1-year student scholarship to Pearson College, approximately CAD $50,000.

Now we need your help! To help make it easy you can now designate a gift to Pearson College as a tribute to Tita Dieza through this link. The form has options for giving in Canada, the USA, or any other country in the world.

You can also designate ongoing monthly or annual gifts to the Legacy Project. If your employer matches donations, kindly indicate it on the donation page. For any questions regarding redirecting ongoing donations and employer-match programs, kindly contact Chris Geater, Alumni Giving and Annual Fund Officer, Pearson College at

Be a part of Tita’s 80th birthday! 
Donations must be made on or before April 30th to be included in the totals presented to Tita on her birthday on May 8th. Your contribution can be a monthly amount spread between January and April if this will be easier than a lump sum amount. 

Join the family on Facebook
When Tita turned 79 last year, we created a social media community of Tita’s friends, a Facebook page which we call “Feel at Home”. This is our virtual home, our tribute to her 80 years of blessings, more than half of which she has selflessly shared with Pearson College students, faculty, staff and friends like yourself.  

Kindly contact us via email if you want us to add you to the group. We currently have 272 members of Tita’s PC “kids” from years 1 to 42, teachers, staff, and those who benefited from her immense generosity and kindness over the years.   

Help expand the circle 
We also hope that you can reach out to your peers at PC, beginning with those who know Tita Dieza. Feel free to use this letter and add your name to it. We’d love the Legacy Project to include the most number of PC years participating in a single fundraising initiative. With your donations and encouragement of your peers, we believe this is possible.

Click here for more details on the Legacy Project

As Tita turns 80 on May 8, 2017, we thank her for her kind heart, generous spirit and joy of life! Let’s show our gratitude to Tita with a successful Legacy Project! 

Sincerely yours,

Iggy (Yr 9), Jenny (Yr 20) and Seng (Yr 25)