President's Corner

Presentations from Désirée McGraw

President Désirée McGraw started her time at Pearson College UWC with three primary objectives to guide the collective work as Pearson College builds its vision for the next 40 years

"In my capacity as Chief Champion of Pearson College, I am making it my mission to ensure potential students, prospective donors, government sponsors and our friends and supporters know about the kind of educational and life experiences we are providing here in Pedder Bay and the impact our alumni are having around the world." — Désirée McGraw, at Pearson College Founders' Celebration, Aug. 9, 2015 


May 19, 2016
Désirée McGraw speaks at the farewell Village Meeting on campus  
Désirée McGraw's remarks to students, faculty, staff and residents for the final Village Meeting — May 19, 2016


April 19, 2016
Désirée McGraw speaks at the Ottawa Peace Talks 
Désirée McGraw's Speech at Ottawa Peace Talks — April 19, 2016
VIDEO: See the recorded Ottawa Peace Talks here — April 19, 2016


March 16, 2016
Désirée McGraw speaks at the March luncheon of the Canadian International Council of Victoria
Désirée McGraw's Remarks to CIC Victoria — March 16, 2016


March 5, 2016
Désirée McGraw speaks at One World Reception for patrons, donors, alumni and friends
SPEECH: Désirée McGraw's Remarks to Pearson's patrons, donors, alumni and friends (English)
SPEECH: Désirée McGraw's Remarks to Pearson's patrons, donors, alumni and friends (French)


Jan. 27, 2016
Désirée McGraw gives a tribute to Maurice F. Strong at his celebration of life
A Celebration of the Life of Maurice F. Strong — Jan. 27, 2016
Hommage à la vie de Maurice F. Strong — Jan. 27, 2016
VIDEO: Désirée McGraw gives remarks at the memorial held in Ottawa (speech at 35:55)

Dec. 1, 2015

Désirée McGraw joins international environmental lawyer Johannah Bernstein to present an overview of the Paris climate negotiations for International Affairs
VIDEO: Livestream event of "The Precarious Road to Paris" — Dec. 1, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015

Désirée McGraw welcomes new and returning students to Pearson College
SPEECH: Opening Assembly Remarks to the New Students — Aug. 31, 2015

August 9, 2015
Désirée McGraw welcomes alumni from the last 40 years back to campus
SPEECH: Founder's Celebration Presentation — Aug. 9, 2015

April 20, 2015
Désirée McGraw is introduced as Pearson College's President and Head of College
SPEECH: Opening Remarks — April 20, 2015
VIDEO: See the announcement and standing ovation for the appointment