EthicsPoint Helpline

ethicspoint helpline: 1.888.247.3172

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Best practice in governance, school management and leadership includes open communication options in cases where current policies or procedures fall short. Pearson College has contracted with EthicsPoint, which provides an anonymous method for anyone, including current and former students, faculty and staff to report behavior of College employees or other individuals associated with the College that is illegal, unethical, a violation of safety regulations, fraudulent, an abuse of College property, a misuse of College funds, substance abuse or other conduct that violates Pearson College’s policies, for example its Respectful Campus Policy.

The 24/7 EthicsPoint toll-free number is unique to Pearson College. EthicsPoint, used by colleges and universities around the world, is contractually committed to not pursue a caller’s identity. Reports to EthicsPoint are communicated to the Chair of the HR Committee of the Pearson College Board of Directors. EthicsPoint explains the procedure and timeline to those who file reports and serves as an intermediary between the person filing a report and the Head of College.

While anyone is free to use EthicsPoint, it is not meant to be a substitute for existing methods at Pearson College for resolving conflict or issues as outlined in College policies.

The College is committed to a safe and respectful experience, free from harassment for every individual.

Most importantly, the College is committed to a safe and respectful experience, free from harassment for every individual on campus. EthicsPoint serves as one tool to ensure that this is the case.

For more information, visit the EthicsPoint Helpline page.