Vision 2020

If the “why” of Pearson College UWC is to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future, then Vision 2020 is the “how” to achieve our “why.”

The College launched Vision 2020 in 2009, when the Pearson College Board of Trustees, under the leadership of Chair Francis M. Saville, QC, and direction of Trustee Ian Chisolm (UWC-USA ‘91) conducted a series of approximately 250 meetings with members of the extended Pearson College community (students, alumni, trustees, patrons, donors, partners, staff) that sought answers to:

These discussions culminated in a document that set forth a proposition for the future of Pearson College: Vision 2020.

For Pearson College to realize Vision 2020—to make our finest contribution towards a peaceful and sustainable world through the endeavours of talented individuals and a dynamic international community—five crucial elements emerged:

For the past two years, the College has been moving towards this new, preferred future. We have been honing and aligning our resources and strengths in a way that has allowed us to remain true to who we have always been, yet enabled us to steadily improve our ability to realize new standards.  

There has been great interest in Vision 2020 from the UWC International Office, other UWC colleges, as well as from many members of our wider community.